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Picking The Best Filter For Your Drone

Picking The Best Filter For Your Drone

So you have been flying your drone for a little while now, and whilst you’re getting great footage, you’re just not getting that smooth, colour rich footage that you see in professional videos or by your favourite YouTube droner. You dig and dig until you come to the realisation that most professional footage is shot with a lens filter. “But what’s a lens filter?”, you ask yourself. So you research a little more and suddenly realise there are many types of lens filters.

Let’s start with first defining what a lens filter is. A lens filter, is a layer of glass or other material, which is used to protect the camera lens and modify incidental light. Basically, a lens filter will protect your drones camera lens but also allow you to manipulate the amount of light which your drones camera captures to allow for a longer exposure without changing the colour of your scene. Think of lens filters as a pair of sunglasses for your drone! You will also notice that filters have “ND” in front of them, this purely relates to the definition of the filter and stands for “Neutral Density”.

So with the definition out of the way let’s look at different ND filters, when to use them, and for different drones. First you’ll need to decide on the type of ND filter you will need and how you will be using it. Let’s refer to this chart on the different types of ND filters and their real world use.

ND Filter Real World Use
ND-4 During sunset & sunrise or when you feel there is a low light situation
ND-8 When your scene is cloudy or there is no direct sunlight hitting your drones camera
ND-16 During the day when the sun is at its peak with few clouds or if you’re shooting directly at a light source.
ND-32 When your shooting extremely bright sunlight, desert, or snow


Now that you know the different ND filter numbers, let’s look at the range of ND filters available for your drone.





Mavic Air


Mavic Pro & Platinum


Phantom Series


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