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‘Can I Fly There’ – New CASA App

‘Can I Fly There’ – New CASA App

Ever arrived at a stunning location or a wide open park only to find out you cannot fly your drone there? This is all about to change as CASA has teamed up with Drone Complier to produce an easy to use app showing you exactly where you can and can’t fly your drone.

The app, available on iOS and Android, fires up with a map interface which then pinpoints your location. It then pings your location based on the regulatory requirements and displays whether your location is a fly or no-fly zone.



Operation of a drone both commercially and recreationally must abide by the current CASA regulatory requirements; those being keeping your drone below 120m (400ft), 30m away from other people, 5.5km away from controlled aerodromes, and flying only during the daytime and with line of sight. (Read more at CASA). The app pings your location and advised if you can safely fly your drone or not. This is great when planning a trip or simply seeing if you can fly in your local park.


‘Can I Fly There’ also features a weather forecast as well as a wind report based on your location, giving you, as a drone operator, a more confident outlook on whether or not it is safe to fly. Although the app will not legally stop someone from flying in a no-fly zone, it all comes down to the operator complying with the CASA requirements and making that judgement call for themselves.


The drone community is always under fire by the public as to whether or not drones should be allowed in our skies, so remember; if in doubt, it’s best not to fly. If we keep in good standing with the public it will allow for laws, safety and regulation to further relax and bring more flexibility, innovation and acceptance of the drone community!


If you find incorrect data or you know that a location you are within may be a fly or no-fly zone email

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