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Best Travel Cases For Your DJI Mavic Pro

Best Travel Cases For Your DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro was designed with travel and portability in mind.

It’s the first drone of its kind to have the best of both worlds – professional looking footage whilst being able to fold up and be thrown into a backpack. However, such a fine piece of equipment deserves the right home and not just to be tossed in any old bag. Whether you’re a professional photographer capturing incredible location shots, a spontaneous adventure seeker or simply a drone enthusiast, we have compiled the very best travel cases for your Mavic Pro.


Nanuk 920 Waterproof Hard Case

The Nanuk 920 case has pre-cut foam ready to store your Mavic Pro, remote controller, four batteries, mobile phone, battery charger and accessories right out of the box.

With an IP67 rating, the Nanuk 920 can be submerged, dropped into a field of dust or thrown into a puddle of mud whilst keeping your Mavic Pro safe and clean.

The Nanuk 920 is also an ideal case for air-travel, with its integrated air-vent the Nunak 920 can equalise atmospheric changes in pressure with ease.

Available in 6 different colours the Nanuk 920 is a great travel case which will not disappoint. 

Lowepro Slingshot Edge 

Lowepro, a fantastic bag from a reputable brand. With over 50 years of business, the Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW is the only adventure bag you need. Lined and padded with materials to handle the weather elements, the Slingshot is designed with maneuverability and flexibility in mind. 

Storage for your Mavic Pro, remote controller, extra battery and charger, the Slingshot can also hold your mobile phone, iPad, DSLR, extra lens and enough room to strap your tripod to the front! Forgetting the plethora of room for all your gear, the Slingshot is designed for smooth operation and security. Rotate the sling to your front, unzip your access pockets and grab your Mavic Pro and start flight, all without taking the bag off of your shoulder.

If you’re considering a lightweight easy to travel bag, the Lowepro Slingshot Edge is a no brainer and excellent choice.

FSLabs Hardshell Bag

The FSLabs Hardshell Bag is a convenient on-the-go storage case built for quick trips and protection in mind. The FSLabs Hardshell Bag comes with two cases, one for your Mavic Pro and the other for your remote control.

The internal foam is crafted to provide a secure and smooth fit for your Mavic Pro and controller whilst the outer shell is made from a cordura like fabric similar to that of your airplane luggage to protect from bumps, falls, scratches and splashes of water.

The FSLabs Hardshell Bag’s convenience is in its form factor. When you’re on-the-go and need only a single flight, the last thing you need is a big bag or case to lug around your Mavic Pro. This is where the FSLabs Hardshell Bag comes into play, simply store your Mavic Pro and controller into the cases, throw the two cases into your backpack or car and you’re good to go! Available in the one colour the FSLabs Hardshell Bag is a great choice when portability and convenience is needed.

Lowepro ViewPoint BP250 Backpack

Again from Lowepro, we have the ViewPoint BP250 Backpack. This backpack is compartments galore! Built to be your daily, this backpack features multiple compartments, dividers, straps and pockets with all day comfort in mind.

The BP250’s main storage compartment, called the Gear Box, allows you to carry more than just your Mavic Pro. Within the Gear Box you can fit your Mavic Pro, controller, charger, propellors, memory cards and filters. The main compartments of the BP250 can also hold a 15″ laptop, iPad, and just about anything else you need for a shoot. 

The BP250’s main feature though, is its all-day comfort. The BP250 has padding all round to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Whether you have small shoulders or large, the BP250 has you covered for when you have those long hikes or a full backpack running around the city. The front straps allow you to mount a skateboard, whilst the the side a camera tripod.

The flexibility and features of the Lowepro BP250 makes it a great backpack if you’re running around the city, hiking up a mountain or camping out for the night. If comfort, portability and convenience are your top priority, then the Lowepro ViewPoint BP250 backpack is an excellent choice.

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